photography by King Davis: Blog en-us (C) photography by King Davis (photography by King Davis) Mon, 16 Jul 2018 11:37:00 GMT Mon, 16 Jul 2018 11:37:00 GMT photography by King Davis: Blog 90 120 Bluff-ing? Yes, please! edit -8555edit -8555

Snaking its way through the Georgia piedmont, the Flint River forms the southwest border for Upson County, and provides delightful views and experiences.  Though a nice feast for the camera in itself, my interest in recent years has been to incorporate other photo pursuits in that setting.

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The overlook at Sprewell Bluff Park is available to the public at any time, (a happy thing for one who enjoys night sky picture-taking).  However, the area at the bluff itself is generally off limits after dark, (a not-so-happy thing for...etc.).

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In the last two months, some kind folks arranged for me to have a couple of nights in the park after dark.  I picked nights off from work that were closest to the new moon, but somehow did a poor job of picking the weather.

edit -9075edit -9075

We had decent conditions for light painting on both nights...

edit -8530edit -8530

edit -9087edit -9087 edit -8555edit -8555 So utilizing the shallow water of the riverbank was basically successful.

edit--9078edit--9078 But as the nights progressed, so did the clouds.

edit -8631edit -8631 edit -8604edit -8604

Aside from the magnificent environment, my reason for wanting to shoot at the bluff during the night was a belief it would be dark enough to give a nice view of our galactic neighborhood.

edit -8619edit -8619

There were moments i could catch some of the celestial sights.

edit -8618edit -8618 But there was never a really clear sky. gives thanks for what has been, and hopes for what will be  :  )

edit -8639edit -8639

My thanks to Laura, Neal, Bobbie and the others who are stewards of this sweet spot.  (Some selected shots of Sprewell Bluff at this spot.)

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Montana edit -1602edit -1602

We met at a dance recital, and in the unlikely event there's any doubt, i had nothing to do with the dancing part.  But Montana's ability to levitate high above the stage--and look beautiful doing it, gave me plenty of motivation for us to shoot, which we eventually found time to do.

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Dancing of course means being able to twirl around and stuff, but Montana is also part of a special group of folks who are known as the Winter Guard.

edit -3101edit -3101

edit -2966edit -2966 Given the limited, lame winters we've had the last many years, i can only hope they're successful in guarding what little we have left of those seasons.

edit -3130edit -3130

(more Montana here :  )

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edit -3261edit -3261

In addition to having a state named for her, she recently picked up the title of "Miss Upson-Lee" for the current year.

edit -1433edit -1433

edit -2486edit -2486 But regardless of the accolades or what hat she wears, she is hard-working and kind...and to my delight, she's cool with light painting!

edit -3309edit -3309

edit -1617edit -1617

edit -3328edit -3328

edit -3284edit -3284 So here's to those who live at a high level, and brighten up our day while doing it  :  )

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Alisha & Co edit -0784edit -0784

Though i've been 'on' facebook a couple of years or so, i think it safe to say i still know very little about it--including many of my 'friends.'  This past Friday a facebook friend became real, as i met Alisha and most of her family--heretofore merely names and images on a computer screen.

edit -0676edit -0676

By my standards, Alisha lives a long way from me.  All i knew of her was from some excellent images and posts she had on facebook.  Recently, she responded to a post i'd made about light painting, saying she'd like to try that, and we made plans to get together.

edit -0790edit -0790 Alisha had access to a lake, which would provide a nice setting for our experiments.  The day came for our project, and like most days in the Georgia summertime, there was the proverbial 'chance of afternoon/evening thunderstorms.'

edit -0297edit -0297

Rain, along with a delightful cool wind, and less delightful lightning, showed up.  With those sort of moments, one wonders if one's time and effort would be for naught.  But in our case, Alisha's daughter, Grace, took the lead and demonstrated the attitude that endeared Gene Kelly to an entire generation.

edit -0205edit -0205 edit -0269edit -0269 edit -0281edit -0281 Grace lived up to her name, and in no time had her mom involved in a spontaneous, soaking shoot   :  )

edit -0133edit -0133 edit -0111edit -0111

Alisha's husband, Tracy, showed up and cut in on the dance:

edit -0352edit -0352 while son TJ and Alisha's friend, Janet, provided an audience.

edit -0324edit -0324 edit -0414edit -0414 Eventually God's reign put an end to His rain, and we proceeded with the proceedings...

edit -0445edit -0445 edit -0472edit -0472 edit -0523edit -0523 edit -0569edit -0569 Though staying predominately cloudy, God blessed us with a bit of an evening glow, which made my easy task...all the more so.

edit -0712edit -0712 And as the twilight crept in, we pulled out the toys and played with the physics of light and time:

edit -0743edit -0743 edit -0749edit -0749

(More pretty pictures at this place  :  ) edit -0763edit -0763 edit -0786edit -0786

Alisha wrapped up the evening by wrapping TJ in a bit of color:

edit -0797edit -0797

So for all my disdain of facebook, i am none-the-less thankful for providing me a new-found friend and collaborator, and look forward to our next adventure   :  )

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Moon River meets Mars edit -0012edit -0012 Saturday five happy-stances came together to fulfill a desire of several years: being able to photograph the Shoals Spider Lilies on the Flint River by moonlight.  Precious time off from work, a full moon, lilies in bloom, a clear sky following days of clouds and rain, and dear friends Pam and Fred, who allowed me to hang out unsupervised in their yard during the night, all worked together to bless my socks off.

edit -0039edit -0039

Mars was one night away from opposition, when it would be the brightest this year.  So bright, even a nearby full moon couldn’t muscle it out of view.  In the first image, Mars is the dot to the right of the moon; in the image above, it's the tiny dot in the bottom right of the picture (looking like a period after my name  :  )      Here it is by itself:

edit -0796edit -0796 Further along in the sky was big brother, Jupiter.  In the shot below one can see the four Galilean moons, (L to R): Callisto, Io, Europa, and Gamynede

edit -0797edit -0797

In the image below, good eyes (and monitor) will see two dots way below the glare of the moon.  The one on the left is Saturn, and on the right is the red giant, Antares--the 'heart' in the constellation Scorpio.  (Again, Mars is the bright object to the right of the moon.)   edit -9980edit -9980

But let us consider the lilies of the Flint.  Whether by day or night, they can be a source of delight   :  )

small -2891small -2891 small -2862small -2862 small -2990small -2990 edit -8442edit -8442 Luke 12:27

small -2875small -2875 edit -0047edit -0047

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Tia & Taylor time edit -8264edit -8264 Having never encountered Tia or her friend, Taylor, i wasn’t sure what to expect on our photoshoot.  A day or two before, we had talked briefly on the phone and Tia said she was “up for most anything.”  (That turned out to be a good clue   :  )

edit -7594edit -7594

Our day was cool and rainy, but that in no way discouraged Tia from living her role as a ‘forest maiden.’  With the help of her mom Melissa, little brother Ronny, and best friend Taylor, we foraged my friends’ forest, finding fun features for fulfilling foto-op fantasies…while getting frickin’ wet.

edit -7734edit -7734

edit -7837edit -7837

After rocking the rocky hillside and shoals, Tia and Taylor rocked The Rock Ranch in all its wetness.

edit -7997edit -7997 edit -7973edit -7973

edit -8410edit -8410 edit -8609edit -8609 Once feeling sufficiently rained out, Tia and Taylor let it be known they were ready to move inside and get wet with paint.

edit -8793edit -8793

As if we hadn't already had an exciting shoot, these mischievous fun-loving gals decided to bless me with my first paint session.  If you've never been able to grasp the concept of the second law of thermodynamics, (the natural tendency of increasing disorder), my new friends seemed happy to provide a visual demonstration:

edit -8817edit -8817 edit -8820edit -8820 edit -8821edit -8821 edit -8823edit -8823 edit -8841edit -8841

edit -8845edit -8845 edit -8878edit -8878 edit -8907edit -8907

edit -8933edit -8933 edit -8951edit -8951 edit -8978edit -8978 edit -8990edit -8990 edit -8993edit -8993

For the coup de grace, the ladies gave proof that 'all that glitters is not gold.'  (Sometimes, it's glitter   :  )    This, probably in response to my saying something about my not being able to imagine this getting any better.  edit -9035edit -9035

edit -9089edit -9089 edit -9108edit -9108 edit -9083edit -9083 edit -9146edit -9146 To say this was a mess is an understatement, and to say this was fun would be even more of one.  Thanks to my friends Michele and Mark, and my friends at The Rock Melissa, Ronny and my new uber models Tia and Taylor!  (You are a mess...and i love it!   :  )

edit -9219edit -9219

(Tons of Tia and Taylor at this link)

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water-blogged small -7895small -7895 As typical in my life, i was up the creek and without a paddle.  Thankfully, i didn’t need one...

small -7939small -7939

small -7917small -7917

The rain came down and the bodies of water went up.  This happens from time to time.  As with earth, wind and fire (etc.), we often prefer a Goldilocks balance: not too much, and not too little.  But the last few days have given us much water…so here’s to a thirsty Earth!

small -7903small -7903 small -7905small -7905

Thanks to friends Michele and Mark, i was able to get up close and personal with part of Potato Creek.

small -7952small -7952 small -7958small -7958


small -7960small -7960

(Peruse a plethora of Potato Creek pics parked at this place)

small -7887small -7887 small -7968small -7968

in joy,


small -8124small -8124

small -7985small -7985

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Gabrielle small -0174small -0174 The most affirming thing in my life is making images that please God and man.  I go into shoots, and come away hoping that is accomplished.  Gabby gave me good reason to believe the goal was achieved.

small -8940small -8940 small -0044small -0044 We met recently, and spent the day playing...

small -0023small -0023 small -0024small -0024 small -0015small -0015 small -0081small -0081 Knowing i wouldn't be much fun, Gabby brought her mom along for company.

small -0133small -0133 small -0135small -0135 small -0142small -0142 There were some serious moments, such as when we had to do the modeling thing, or read from the Bible--some of which she's already memorized  : )

small -0167small -0167 small -0389small -0389 small -9162small -9162

But whether serious or otherwise, it was a day full of joy.  I'm thankful God used Gabby and her mom to provide that!

small -0306small -0306

(Gobs of Gabby can be gotten here  : )

small -0316small -0316

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Lizzie small -2198small -2198 Though it matters, we’ll set aside the fact my maternal grandmother was called ‘Lizzie.’  This newer model is now making the rounds, and made my camera’s acquaintance the other day.

small -2366small -2366

small -2137small -2137

We were afforded an opportunity to play work by my friends, Michele and Mark, at their work play place.  My default philosophy is, if God sets a plate of fun in front of you, say ‘thanks’ and accept it…rather than pretending to be ‘not hungry.’

small -2644small -2644

small -2552small -2552

small -2757small -2757

small -3214small -3214

Through the twists and turns of dance and gymnastics, Lizzie provided quite a stretch for my camera, and way more fun than can be rightly digested in one morning of play work, so we will hopefully have a second serving soon.  (Even the sky was crying when we decided to stop.)   In the meantime, look at lots of Lizzie here.

small -3309small -3309 small -2829small -2829 small -3066small -3066 I appreciate Michele & Mark working to provide a place for folks to play, and Lizzie and her mom Betsy playing along with the work.  (In this case, it wasn't all child’s play   : )

small -3011small -3011

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Crista’s Copper Penny small -3686small -3686

I was at Wally’s gas station one evening when Craig Stubbs called my name.  He pointed to the inside of his car, where i saw a waving hand pop up.  He said, “This is my wife, Crista.  She also enjoys photography.”

small -3911small -3911

Following those ten seconds many moons ago, i’ve enjoyed seeing scads of posts of Crista's images on facebook.  Her photographs are excellent, and are often accompanied by informative comments.

small -3901small -3901 This spring the idea of getting together to shoot came up, and i was invited to visit the old home place, known as Copper Penny Ranch.

small -3740small -3740   Our visit finally happened a few days ago, and i enjoyed spending a morning meeting many of Crista’s friends.  Here are some of them... small -3924small -3924

small -4024small -4024

small -4157small -4157 small -4403small -4403 More Copper Pennies on deposit here.  (Buzz on over   : ) small -4296small -4296

While strolling by the woods, we saw a brand new baby accompanied by its mamma.

small -4037small -4037

The resident air patrol saluted the new arrival with a fly-over.

small -3865small -3865

And speaking of flying, the time did.  It was noon before we knew it, and so before parting company we watched some baby barn swallows having lunch.

small -4489small -4489

Though inside my attitude wasn't too different from the whiny birds, i politely pretended i was ready to leave, (but genuinely grateful for the good experience and gracious host  : )

small -4418small -4418

I think i can truthfully say (hatchlings notwithstanding), a good time was had by all.  Thanks much, Crista (and Craig!   : )

small -4383small -4383

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Missing it small -7small -7 The confluence was two-fold:  our solar system, and my schedule.  It was a weekend off from work, and there was no place or thing i had to be or do.  As for our celestial neighborhood, the two brightest planets were (from our vantage point) getting close together, and on that very night, a cool, crescent moon would join with them in tight formation.

small -6610small -6610 Checking the forecast every so often, i had an almost child-like giddiness thinking ‘the stars’ were lining up so well.  There should be a few clouds around to make for a nice sunset, but the sky in general should be clear. small -6-2small -6-2 My neighbor, James, (eager to try out his new camera) and i grabbed some fast food and headed west…looking right into the face of a massive line of dark gray coming from the northwest.  “It’s early…that’ll pass right on through and we’ll be done with it before the show starts.” 

As younger folk are want to say, “Yeah, right.”

small -8small -8 It didn’t pass.  We got to the overlook near Sprewell Bluff as the demarcation of cloud had just passed the sun.  I started a gopro time lapse, but after a while, the rain made its way to our vantage point, and i saw no point in tempting fate.

A Front Moves InGathering clouds at Sprewell Bluff Of course, once i dismantled the time lapse setup, the 127 drops of rain i encountered were done, and so James and i stood around on the platform, thinking our evening was a waste, and wondering which of us would be first to order a retreat. 

small -2small -2 With naïve hopes there might be sufficient parting of the clouds later that evening before our targets dropped below the horizon, we waited around, greeting occasional tourists stopping by long enough to snap their ‘we-were-at-the-Sprewell-Bluff-overlook-and-here’s-our-selfie-to-prove-it picture.’ 

small -5small -5 After the ambient light had begun falling off in earnest, we noticed a piece of the western sky was beginning to pink up.  With this, my impression was, “i’m not impressed…this isn’t worth setting the gopro back up for a few moments of token color.”  As i kept watching, and James kept shooting, the color eventually burst forth over a huge chunk of sky, and so as i’ve done many times before, i rolled my eyes and questioned why i was so foolish as to [yet, again!] not have made the right decision.  At this point, all i could do was grab a few shots with the 5D…time was lapsing such that there was no time to resume the time lapse.

small -6small -6 The glorious display quickly ebbed into some little lines of color, and we began seeing a bit of heat lightning over the other side of the western ridge.  So since the 5D was warmed up and on deck, i decided to finish the evening with a few long exposures to see if any bolts were catchable.

(A Piece of) a Sunset The resulting score for the night was clouds won, king zero.  James and i hung around for a while more, but it became clear that the part of the sky we wanted to see…wasn’t going to be.

small -7-2small -7-2 And so, here is my lame shot from the following night.  Venus in the very bottom right corner, dimmer Jupiter is a little ways diagonally toward the moon from Venus, and the (one day older) moon in the upper left.  Twenty-four hours can change a spectacular rendezvous into a ‘not-all-that-close encounter of the less exciting kind.’

small -6833small -6833 Still, let there be no question i’m thankful for my Weatherman, and His dominion over all there is.  To cite a quote i heard my dad make when i was a kid, “Mankind, despite thousands of years of advancement, still owes his existence to six inches of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”

Grateful for His reign,

king  small -6-3small -6-3

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bye-bye bluebird babies Please note: this post not intended for the tender-hearted.


small -6066small -6066bluebird chicks

In the year of our Lord 2015, as spring progressed, i increasingly believed this might be the first in many years there would be no new batches of bluebirds in my tenant housing.  For weeks i had seen prospective couples checking out the listings in my yard, but only about three weeks ago did i realize i had some takers.

small -5605small -5605male bluebird flying home

The happy couple was in a home that had never been occupied.  I had assumed it never would be, as the local tree rats took the liberty of remodeling the front door soon after it was built, quite a few seasons back.

small -5601small -5601feeding bluebird chicks

But here they were, shuttling food in…and waste out.  I eventually was able to see five little beaks, courtesy the squirrelly architecture.  This added to my amazement, as three is the most i’ve ever observed in a brood.

small -5679small -5679Female bluebird taking out the trash Photography began as a serious pursuit in my mid-teens, coinciding with my stint as a disc jockey.  In both applications, one learns that timing matters.  To photograph the birds as they mature and leave their box would require patience of course, but at an even more obvious level, i would need to be around at the right time…something over which i don’t always have control.

small -2803small -2803Female bluebird bringing worm for chicks

But as the days marched on, it seemed as if the timing might work favorably for getting good imagery.  By Memorial Day, when i would be afforded a block of time to watch and wait, the babies were big, and flapping their wings inside the box.  The camera was on the porch, the gopro a couple of feet from the box, and i thought the exodus might happen at any moment.  Instead, rain happened, and following that, the night.  So on Tuesday i was up early in hopes of not missing the event.  The morning was spent getting stills and gopro footage and then as noon approached, so did the rain, again.

feeding bluebird chicksFeeding bluebird chicks

I saw the shower as opportunity to eat lunch, as there wouldn’t likely be any effort to get the kids out during the downpour.  When i came back out, the yard was in an uproar.  Mr. & Mrs. Bluebird were raising a racket (which i took to mean they were coaxing their kids to come out).  But in addition to the parents, there was a bevy of birds, boisterous as could be: nuthatches, robins, warblers and cardinals.  So my second thought was that the bluebird parents were uptight because they wanted their cousins out of the picture (and of my pictures  : )

small -6506small -6506brown-headed nuthatches small -6433small -6433warbler(?) small -6474small -6474Robin

But it took a few moments for me to realize there was something different about the bluebird box…as the garbage truck was coming by, i saw the reason for the ruckus from the residents:

small -6452small -6452snake in the box small -6466small -6466snake in the box

A loop of snake torso bulged out of the formerly safe sanctuary, and after overcoming my shock and dismay, (the anger was not overcome), i got on the stick:

snakesnake in the box

My neighbor, Bob Chatfield, came over and assisted me as we hauled the gopro around to try and get a shot or two of the chicks that made it out alive.  In addition to a furious pair of adult bluebirds, most every other bird within a one block radius of my house was close at hand, gawking at the crime scene, and sharing in a sort of wake for the deceased chicks.

small -6497small -6497Male bluebird with purple ('house') finches For those whose voyeuristic needs must be satisfied, here lies the villain with the two known victims (one internal, one external)  

small -6471small -6471Snake with victims Please don’t take my disdain for what happened as an invitation to lecture me about the roll of reptiles in the ecosystem, or ‘the circle of life.’  I work for a hospice, after all.  Some people like coffee, others hate certain sports teams.  I believe it within my prerogative to detest snakes and wish they didn’t exist.

small -2814small -2814Female bluebird

The evening in my neighborhood—after yet another rain, provided cool, moist air, a brilliant orange-pink glow in the gray clouds at sunset, and very pronounced, reverberant sounds of adult blue birds, calling to their young.  My reading from this morning included the first two chapters from 1st Samuel, which contains poignant reminders of God’s sovereignty.  For those who choose to ponder, there are apparent metaphors here for the taking.  Effects of sin touch all creation.  There will still be bluebirds…and some will still be eaten by snakes, until He determines otherwise. 


thankful He is in charge,


small -2817small -2817Male bluebird bringing home food



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Spring blooms? April May! small -2080small -2080 Aside from autumn, spring is my favorite season for weather...and the blooms are a bonus.  Since i'm in need of a new blog post, the fine flowers favor me with convenient subject matter.

small -3674small -3674

small -2070small -2070 small -8079small -8079 small -8130small -8130

small -8039small -8039

small -0253small -0253 small -2108small -2108

small -3697small -3697

small -7998small -7998

small -3686small -3686 small -8011small -8011

Not that any of these blooms bring the word "weed" to mind, but the tiny blossoms some of these sport remind me of an Allen Levi song.  Whatever season in which you find yourself, i wish you joyful growth and a bloomin' good time   : )

small -8102small -8102


]]> (photography by King Davis) bloom flower nature Wed, 29 Apr 2015 10:45:00 GMT
fog two (too) small -50small -50

"It was a dark and stormy night..."  No, in truth it was a nice night.  One of those near the equinox that serve as a buffer between nights requiring heat and those that beg for air conditioning.  There was low-lying fog with scattered clouds when i awoke and ventured forth.

small -1624small -1624

My aim was to grab an image of the space station as it traversed the sky over Thomaston.  My first attempt a few nights before was...not good.

small -1515small -1515

This attempt went better, and God gave me some wonderful atmospheric entertainment all the way past sunrise.

small -4small -4

small -9-3small -9-3

small -7small -7

small -1857small -1857

The sun made an appearance, but much of the morning was spent peeking out from behind cover.

small -1831small -1831

small -9-2small -9-2

Here is the place where--had i anything profound or otherwise useful to say about becoming a 60 year old, i would say it.  But instead, we'll try this:

There are little things, like fog

There are big things, such as family and friends

And then there is The Big Thing: Life in and through The Lord Jesus.

It is often said--including by me, but i know no more honest thing to say, "I am is all His grace!" 

small -1872small -1872

Psalm 139   (in thankful joy  : )


small -8-2small -8-2

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fog blog small -1519small -1519

Used to be, having foggy fotos meant one’s darkroom…wasn’t.

But now that spare time and money…isn’t, i avoid the dark side of photography: (developing and printing).

small -1544small -1544

small -2055small -2055

And so, when God gives fog for free, the proper “thank You!” is to put the leash on the camera and venture forth for a walk.

small -1840small -1840

small -1758small -1758

small -2023small -2023

small -1841small -1841

small -2107small -2107

small -1966small -1966

small -2133small -2133

small -2143small -2143

in joy,


small -1528small -1528

]]> (photography by King Davis) fog landscape nature Thu, 29 Jan 2015 22:40:05 GMT
autumn leaves small  -4166small -4166

small -4890small -4890

Today, “cyber-Monday,” i have refrained from buying anything online.  Instead of spending money i can’t spare to buy stuff i don’t need, i’m taking that most precious of commodities, [time], to rake my cyber-space so as to provide you with a collection of leaves for November…(now that it no longer is  : )

small -4923small -4923

small -5446small -5446

small -5277small -5277

small -5010small -5010

small -5035small -5035

small -5484small -5484

I believe it more than coincidence the changing of color in leaves works as a good (if imperfect) metaphor.  The green is the leaves’ “natural” state.  When the sap--it’s life blood, diminishes, and the leaf in essence “dies” to being itself, then some of the more brilliant colors its Maker provided become more visible.  The leaf, at least in many cases, becomes more lovely…

small -5554small -5554

small -5572small -5572

small -5503small -5503

in joy,


small -5344small -5344

small -5620small -5620

]]> (photography by King Davis) landscape nature Mon, 01 Dec 2014 03:12:25 GMT
sunrise service small -4013small -4013

Saturday i was on my way to shoot balloons at The Rock Ranch, and en route, saw a magnificent vista to the right.  The dawn’s early light was greeting a low, but dense layer of fog over a clearing.  As my custom, i was running late, so alas...had no time to stop and snap.

small -5-2small -5-2

I made it to my beloved place of business in time to savor a sunrise, but by then, the mist was mostly a mere memory.  Alas (again).

small -6small -6

And then…the big, beautiful balloons began!  (Please pardon if this is politically incorrect, but they were full of hot air   : ) 

small -0606small -0606

small -0666small -0666

small -2976small -2976

small -3412small -3412

small -3097small -3097

As fun as a mass of hot gas can be, i also pondered the fine fog from the first of the day, and thought to my self, “Self, you ought to go back tomorrow morning and see what you can see.”

small -3633small -3633

Tomorrow arrived the very next day (predictably enough), and unpredictably, no morning mist as had so enamored me the previous dawn.  Alas (yet again).

small -3528small -3528

Instead, there was a monumental sky with a crescent moon, and clouds extending forever.  The 24-105mm was on the camera, and so i cranked it as wide as it would go, and that was of course not wide enough to take in the view.   [see image above]   Knowing i didn’t have time to fool with changing lenses, i changed to the 16-35mm in hopes i was wrong (which is usually a safe bet  : )   [see image below]

small -3543small -3543

Naturally, the 16mm was not wide enough to take in all the fun, so i took time to change to the 14mm in hopes the sky would continue to behave politely in providing pretty, pleasing pictures.   [see below]

small -3568small -3568

Not even the 14mm could grasp the entire scene.  So the only reasonable conclusion is this is a clear indication i need to find $3,000 to get my name in the pot for the 11-24mm lens Canon is rumored to be bringing out soon   : )

small -3648small -3648

While congratulating myself on having such impressive skill with reason and logic, i glanced in the opposite direction and sensed the direction to snap a few fotos in that direction.  (On rare occasion, i’ve been known to take direction  : )

small -3684small -3684

Those thing-a-ma-hickies along the glide path seem to make pretty good models: they work cheap, stay where they’re told and don’t complain when it’s cold.

small -3728small -3728

And so now for the epilogue…

small -3765small -3765

(You think i’d leave this episode hanging along a glide path with no mist?  : )

small -3861small -3861

The following morning, (monday staff meeting not-withstanding  : )   i returned to the scene to find my Weatherman playing ‘misty’ for me as He had two days prior.  My head was in the clouds!  (Or more truthfully, was maybe a foot or two above  ; )

small -3946small -3946

small -3988small -3988

in joy,


small -3793small -3793

]]> (photography by King Davis) The Rock Ranch hot-air balloon landscape nature sky sunrise Mon, 20 Oct 2014 21:29:50 GMT
finally finding fun fotos for fall small -3551small -3551

…or to put it more truthfully, i once again have waited to the last moment to do a blog post for the month.  With that in mind (and nothing useful to say), i offer these images shot around my house:

small -3426small -3426

small -3357small -3357

small -3374small -3374

(Snacking increases as the weather cools off   : ) small -3427small -3427

I am not the only one that enjoys bird watching  small -3335small -3335

Before heading south, this little hummer wanted another drink...(i just don't think its tongue is going to reach that far  : )

small -3398small -3398

small -3446small -3446

And no set of autumn images from my house would be complete without squirrely stuff--such as getting in shape for winter with chin-ups

small -3471small -3471

...or making a last-minute dash for another snack while commercials are on

small -3486small -3486

...or trying to see just how much one can retrieve before the commercials are over

small -3543small -3543   Regardless how squirrely things are around here in the fall, there's no place like home   : )

small -3567small -3567

]]> (photography by King Davis) bird home nature squirrel Wed, 01 Oct 2014 03:43:15 GMT
friday fotos; Sonday snapshots small -2219small -2219

I admit, this is a ‘thrown together’ post for the sake of having a post for the month of August.  (Which i’m delighted to say, is now over   : )

small -3small -3

But before it was over, we had a friday…which came with a sunset.  Not having to work that weekend, i of course felt obligated to record and share:

small -4small -4

For those who like their psychedelic light shows short, here is a moving version:

sunset 2014 08 29

Sonday also included a sunset, parts of which i missed while traveling to The Rock Ranch.  Thus, short stopovers along the road, and near the airport.

small -2130small -2130

small -2323small -2323

small -2232small -2232

Once at The Rock Ranch, i was distracted (as usual  : )   by some of the lovely scenes i so often see there:

small -2390small -2390

One got bonus points, as our Creator provided some fireworks in a cloud (thankfully not nearby  : )

small -2402small -2402

After playing ‘peek-a-boo’ for well over an hour,

small -2532small -2532

i finally got a clear shot at all three objects during their conjunction: Mars, (lower left), Saturn, (lower right), and Earth’s moon above.  (i don’t advise trying to see this on a small screen  ; )


All in all, i’d conclude the phrase, “He don’t make ‘em like He used to” doesn’t apply to God’s handiwork in the skies.

in joy,


small -2small -2


]]> (photography by King Davis) landscape nature sky sunset Mon, 01 Sep 2014 03:57:18 GMT
Libby small -0306small -0306

Several years ago, i used to ask [read: beg] Carman to let me photograph the long, tall drink of water that is her daughter.  This year Libby turns into a high school senior, and my opportunity arrived.  The caveat?   “We need to do this during the end of July.”

small -0455small -0455

For the unenlightened, it has been said that here in Georgia we have two seasons: Summer…and August.  Those who know me understand i therefore have two least favorite seasons…

small -0087small -0087

Our window of opportunity was an afternoon/evening, and the following morning.  After going over our wish list of ideas and locations, i found myself vacillating about our options, and how to plan our schedule so as to be efficient and best honor the potential.  (One might note ‘efficient’ is not a term usually associated with yours truly  : )

small -8547small -8547

small -8719small -8719

Friday afternoon came, and after changing the plan as late as that morning, we sweated through a long church session, but The Rainmaker provided a shower to cool us off. 

small -8577small -8577

small -8873small -8873

Then came more decision time: spend the evening shooting indoors?  Or go to a scenic locale in hopes of a sunset (knowing we could end up with a dud of mere gray clouds…and lots more sweat  : )

small -9150small -9150

I chose to go for the sure bet, and so we finished the evening doing the studio shots.  Upon leaving for the night, i noticed clear skies overhead, and had the (highly inappropriate) notion that perhaps this was God’s way of telling me i made the wrong choice, and even ‘rubbing my face in it.’

small -9082small -9082

Here is the cue for (my repentance, and for) one to recall the Old Testament passage about ‘joy’ coming in the morning.  Knowing we only had a few hours, we had planned to start early.  While driving to meet my victim subject, i was reminded there is at least one advantage to having lots of nasty humidity in one’s environs: i was engulfed in fabulous, foggy atmosphere!  If only this would last until we could get a shot!!! 

small -9267small -9267

small -9720small -9720

Libby and her mom arrived through the fog, and as we took advantage of this way cool gift, i perceived God winking (and possibly even holding His hand over His mouth to hide a holy snicker) as He lovingly chided me for my bad attitude the night before.  No amount of money could have bought us such a wonderful setting.  To help y’all grasp a sense of His kind provision, take a look at the image below.  Aside from being downsized, there is 100% zero post processing.  This is the scene straight out of the camera   : )

small SOOC -9268small SOOC -9268

small -0028small -0028 small -0166small -0166

(look at lots of Libby here)

small -9628small -9628

My thanks to Carman and to Libby.  And my praise to our Weatherman for all His gracious gifts—including magnificent morning mists!

small -0522small -0522

in joy,


small -8564small -8564

]]> (photography by King Davis) Libby portrait senior Mon, 28 Jul 2014 12:10:08 GMT
sunset sighting small -3-2small -3-2

The weekend presented with a dearth of cute gals or little kids to photograph, so…“Cue the western horizon!”

small -903small -903

I knew of the plan to put an observation platform at the Flint River overlook, which is on the road to Sprewell Bluff.  But it wasn’t until i went there Friday evening i realized the work is done.  There’s even a little house next to it, but i digress…

small -8small -8

The new platform should afford improved picture-taking of that marvelous scene—(or at least more enjoyment of the view, should there be one other person on the planet who doesn’t have a telephone for a camera  : )

small -8-3small -8-3

My cameras (which are useless as telephones) climbed out of their bag and went to work, snapping a setting sun from the nice new vantage point.  One of them decided that would make a quaint little movie, but unfortunately the operator still has much to learn about keeping a consistent exposure level when shooting time-lapse.  For those who can stand the flicker, here’s the flick:

A Summer Sunset

While little brother was occupied with movie-making, the big camera was free to look around and enjoy various sights, such as a rising almost-full [super] moon:

small -4-2small -4-2

funky clouds with lightning:

small -6305small -6305

funky clouds without lightning:

small -2small -2

and the cool funkyness of a moonlit vista—this one including several items of note…

small -6520small -6520

In the shot above, one can see the fog rolling in from the left, the planet Mars (orange dot below the big cloud), and the star Spica slightly down and to the left of Mars.  Also just over the horizon in about the center is an area of sky brighter than the rest.  This reminds me of a phenomenon called zodiacal light or false dusk:

It is usually seen more often in the spring and fall, about 30 to 60 minutes after sunset.  (Of course this may have simply been the city of Manchester, polluting my night sky  : )

For folks with large, bright monitors, here’s a portrait of the big dipper:

small -6406small -6406

The handle is on top, going to the left, and the cup part is at the bottom, facing diagonally up and to the right.  As can be seen in the photo, the star in the middle of the handle is a binary (double) star.  I’ve been told that in ages past, the Indians used that as a means of testing their children’s eyesight—by having them look at the middle star and telling the parent how many lights they could see.  (No fair for any who try this now, you already know what to look for   : )

small -5621small -5621

I didn’t think to get a nice picture of the observation deck while it was light, so above is a simple shot of one corner as one is looking east, toward the rising moon.

small -5616small -5616

see sweet sky shots here

small -5322small -5322

So whether by sunshine or the light of the moon, i’ve observed the observation platform to perform well.  My thanks to those who provided it, and to the One Who provided the creation to be observed.


small -3small -3

]]> (photography by King Davis) Flint landscape moon nature river sky sunset Mon, 14 Jul 2014 00:38:37 GMT