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The folks at Massee Lane Gardens offered me an opportunity to return and yak some more about flower photography as part of their annual Festival of Camellias.  So for any who are in the neighborhood (of Fort Valley) Saturday afternoon, February 9th, consider this your invite to come heckle yours truly. 

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The presentation is primarily for beginning and intermediate photographers, but any warm body willing to behave is welcome.  (Contrary to report, there is no registration deadline, and the instructor will keep puns to a minimum.)

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The gardens open at 10am.  My gig starts at 1pm, and should go about two hours.  That should allow a good hour and a half following class to “apply learning” in the gardens.  The only fee involved is admission to the gardens, which is $5.00 for adults (or $4.00 if you’re as old as me), and kids under 12 are free.  (Okay…we know kids aren’t free—but you don’t have to pay for them to get in at Massee Lane, headquarters of the American Camellia Society.)

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So in recognition of Ground Hog Day, or because i’m gathering visual aides, here’s a peek at some of my homework.

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in joy,

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