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Having exhausted good options for March, the local Shutterbug Club has invited me to present the program for this month.  This led to a need for some material to go with my topic.  So to shoot a few bits of video, i called on some friends who were thrilled willing to whack each other on a sunny, but cold afternoon.

The Miller Games

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Some folks just seem to get more static than others:

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On an unrelated note, for the 6,999,999,997 of you who won’t be attending my presentation, comet Pan-STARRS may be visible above the western horizon near the crescent moon the evening of March 12 and/or 13.  (“Check your local listings.”)  A good pair of binoculars will likely be helpful.     Those interested can read about it here, or if you’re waiting for the movie, check out NASA’s flick here.

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