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I was told it would be okay for me to annoy accompany the youth Saturday at Sprewell Bluff.  This would be the first trek for the GoPro, and i didn’t know if it would be up for it—since we haven’t started its conditioning program yet.

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As it turned out, suspicions were correct.  The camera pooped out before i did, which certainly isn’t saying much for the camera.  (or moi   : )

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Never-the-less, it was a glorious day to be out enjoying God’s handiwork, and the company of some wonderful people—several of whom helped make the little flick below.  (Perhaps they were hoping i pay union scale  ; )                     Should anyone need to ask, then the answer would be “Yes.”  The movie accurately depicts how fast we were moving   ; )

Sprewell Bluff Hike 5-25-13

By the end of the day, i couldn’t resist the call of the water.  Not that i have much reason to be in water, but i’ve never before had a camera that was Baptist, so i took the opportunity to do something i’ve never done: deliberately put a camera in water.  Here then, is the first experience with The Underwater World of Yours Truly.  And though admittedly the footage is quite underwhelming, please realize the water is murky, and this is merely (ahem) sticking my toe in for now.

a quick dip

in joy,

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Coming next: getting mooned at the river.    (Looking forward to those photos?   : )

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