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July 12, 2013  •  2 Comments

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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young lady, and a guy who liked to take pictures.  A couple years after high school, the boy found the courage to ask her about a photo shoot.  Tanna graciously agreed, and showed up with her five year old sister, Shannon.

Tanna & Shannon small-1

They headed west in his German sports car, and met up with his friend in his British sports car.  The two guys took turns photographing the two gals using a pair of [state-of-the-art] Nikon F2s’s.  Being a five year old, Shannon had some antsy moments.  To deal with that, i (the boy in our story) turned my camera an odd angle so as to distract her.  In response, she turned her head the opposite angle, and thus began our game of head-turning which led to images like this one, using the sky as a high-key background:


Fast forward a few decades.  Shannon and Steven now have two precious girls.  To my delight, Shannon got in touch and said she’d like to re-create such a shoot for her daughters while they’re visiting here.  We spent two fun mornings exploring neat places around Thomaston, and so i now have yet more confirmation i’m getting old   : )

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Elise & Brannan BTS v2

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(see simply scads of sweet sister shots here)

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My gratitude to Tanna, John H. Davis, Steven, Katherine, Elise, Brannon, the Weatherfords and Ellerbees…and to Shannon.  Thanks for bringing me full circle   : )

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Stunning! Loved these photos and the video.
Rebecca Leon(non-registered)
Beautiful.. The video and pictures brought tears to my eyes.
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