forest fairy

March 26, 2014  •  3 Comments

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For some time i've wanted to try this shot: a young dancer, leaping between rows of planted pine.  Lilli-Anne obliged me, and i think she reached new heights   : )

small -5037small -5037

small -5077small -5077

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We did try some other things, hoping to make use of (her wonderful hair, and) the sun before it went to bed.

  small -5381small -5381

small -5422small -5422

small -5517small -5517

small -5557small -5557

At its appointed time though, the sun did just that...  small -5559small -5559

but not before i was allowed a quick wink "good night."  Thanks to Lilli-Anne and Jessica, and to Kenny for supplying a long hoped-for 'forest.'

small -small -



Great photos! I loved the forest fairy idea.
Absolutely Gorgeous!! I cannot wait for summer for you to do Sarahs pool pictures!
Just Beautiful, King. Lovely girl, lovely hair, lovely pictures...great idea.
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