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Several years ago, i used to ask [read: beg] Carman to let me photograph the long, tall drink of water that is her daughter.  This year Libby turns into a high school senior, and my opportunity arrived.  The caveat?   “We need to do this during the end of July.”

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For the unenlightened, it has been said that here in Georgia we have two seasons: Summer…and August.  Those who know me understand i therefore have two least favorite seasons…

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Our window of opportunity was an afternoon/evening, and the following morning.  After going over our wish list of ideas and locations, i found myself vacillating about our options, and how to plan our schedule so as to be efficient and best honor the potential.  (One might note ‘efficient’ is not a term usually associated with yours truly  : )

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Friday afternoon came, and after changing the plan as late as that morning, we sweated through a long church session, but The Rainmaker provided a shower to cool us off. 

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Then came more decision time: spend the evening shooting indoors?  Or go to a scenic locale in hopes of a sunset (knowing we could end up with a dud of mere gray clouds…and lots more sweat  : )

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I chose to go for the sure bet, and so we finished the evening doing the studio shots.  Upon leaving for the night, i noticed clear skies overhead, and had the (highly inappropriate) notion that perhaps this was God’s way of telling me i made the wrong choice, and even ‘rubbing my face in it.’

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Here is the cue for (my repentance, and for) one to recall the Old Testament passage about ‘joy’ coming in the morning.  Knowing we only had a few hours, we had planned to start early.  While driving to meet my victim subject, i was reminded there is at least one advantage to having lots of nasty humidity in one’s environs: i was engulfed in fabulous, foggy atmosphere!  If only this would last until we could get a shot!!! 

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Libby and her mom arrived through the fog, and as we took advantage of this way cool gift, i perceived God winking (and possibly even holding His hand over His mouth to hide a holy snicker) as He lovingly chided me for my bad attitude the night before.  No amount of money could have bought us such a wonderful setting.  To help y’all grasp a sense of His kind provision, take a look at the image below.  Aside from being downsized, there is 100% zero post processing.  This is the scene straight out of the camera   : )

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(look at lots of Libby here)

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My thanks to Carman and to Libby.  And my praise to our Weatherman for all His gracious gifts—including magnificent morning mists!

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in joy,


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Gorgeous! Silly question: How does her hair move but not her skirt? Was their a breeze or do you use a fan? :)
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