friday fotos; Sonday snapshots

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I admit, this is a ‘thrown together’ post for the sake of having a post for the month of August.  (Which i’m delighted to say, is now over   : )

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But before it was over, we had a friday…which came with a sunset.  Not having to work that weekend, i of course felt obligated to record and share:

small -4small -4

For those who like their psychedelic light shows short, here is a moving version:

sunset 2014 08 29

Sonday also included a sunset, parts of which i missed while traveling to The Rock Ranch.  Thus, short stopovers along the road, and near the airport.

small -2130small -2130

small -2323small -2323

small -2232small -2232

Once at The Rock Ranch, i was distracted (as usual  : )   by some of the lovely scenes i so often see there:

small -2390small -2390

One got bonus points, as our Creator provided some fireworks in a cloud (thankfully not nearby  : )

small -2402small -2402

After playing ‘peek-a-boo’ for well over an hour,

small -2532small -2532

i finally got a clear shot at all three objects during their conjunction: Mars, (lower left), Saturn, (lower right), and Earth’s moon above.  (i don’t advise trying to see this on a small screen  ; )


All in all, i’d conclude the phrase, “He don’t make ‘em like He used to” doesn’t apply to God’s handiwork in the skies.

in joy,


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