finally finding fun fotos for fall

September 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

small -3551small -3551

…or to put it more truthfully, i once again have waited to the last moment to do a blog post for the month.  With that in mind (and nothing useful to say), i offer these images shot around my house:

small -3426small -3426

small -3357small -3357

small -3374small -3374

(Snacking increases as the weather cools off   : ) small -3427small -3427

I am not the only one that enjoys bird watching  small -3335small -3335

Before heading south, this little hummer wanted another drink...(i just don't think its tongue is going to reach that far  : )

small -3398small -3398

small -3446small -3446

And no set of autumn images from my house would be complete without squirrely stuff--such as getting in shape for winter with chin-ups

small -3471small -3471

...or making a last-minute dash for another snack while commercials are on

small -3486small -3486

...or trying to see just how much one can retrieve before the commercials are over

small -3543small -3543   Regardless how squirrely things are around here in the fall, there's no place like home   : )

small -3567small -3567


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