fog two (too)

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"It was a dark and stormy night..."  No, in truth it was a nice night.  One of those near the equinox that serve as a buffer between nights requiring heat and those that beg for air conditioning.  There was low-lying fog with scattered clouds when i awoke and ventured forth.

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My aim was to grab an image of the space station as it traversed the sky over Thomaston.  My first attempt a few nights before was...not good.

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This attempt went better, and God gave me some wonderful atmospheric entertainment all the way past sunrise.

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The sun made an appearance, but much of the morning was spent peeking out from behind cover.

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Here is the place where--had i anything profound or otherwise useful to say about becoming a 60 year old, i would say it.  But instead, we'll try this:

There are little things, like fog

There are big things, such as family and friends

And then there is The Big Thing: Life in and through The Lord Jesus.

It is often said--including by me, but i know no more honest thing to say, "I am is all His grace!" 

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Psalm 139   (in thankful joy  : )


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