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February 13, 2013  •  4 Comments

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The cross atop the 200 year old chapel seemed a fitting target through which to shoot the north star—the point from Earth’s northern hemisphere around which all the heavens seem to revolve.  If in the game of timelapse close counts, then this half night counted, despite the stars’ hide-and-seek play with the clouds.  It had been a wonderful winter’s day:  myriads of marvelous camellia blooms at Massee Lane Gardens, a delightful drive through unexplored places, and a fabulously fun concert by Allen Levi and friends at St. Nicholas Episcopal Church.  This opportunity to shoot the chapel had been long hoped for, and was an excellent end to a glorious day.  [A dark environment should enhance viewing of the video.]

The Chapel at Night

For those whose curiosity causes a conclusion that not all coincidences are merely that, i would point out Polaris wasn’t always our “pole star.”  Because of the “wobble” of Earth’s axis, Thuban in the constellation Draco, (the dragon), was the pole star at about the time of the fall (Genesis 3).  But during the last several centuries, that role has been played by the end of the handle of the little dipper—described in ancient folklore as The Lesser Sheepfold, a reference to Abraham and his descendents.  It seems fitting that in roughly 12 thousand years, the first-magnitude star Vega will be the pole star.  It is the principal component in the constellation Lyra, the harp (an instrument of praise  : )

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It’s a rather cool progression, and perhaps another validation David’s assertion in Psalm 19 is not only fascinating, but literal.  If the heavens are telling…i pray we’re listening.

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May we all be good listeners...and have a blessed St. Valentine’s day,


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Susan Simpson(non-registered)
King, these are simply FANTABULOUS! Thank you for sharing. I loved watching the world revolve around the north star and the tree of life! Wowza brother! Hope you are well. {} susan
Lindsey Merritt(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing! The photos are beautiful and capture so much beauty. I love the pictues of the sky above the church. What a fun day!
The simplicity of the chapel, the majesty of the sky, the skill of the worker - all blessings! Thanks King.
Angela V.(non-registered)
Simply beautiful and the colors are breathtaking! I hope to get my boys in front of your lens one day soon...I'll be in touch.
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