bodacious  adj. (Southern)  Outright; unmistakable

banter v.t.  To address with light, playful, good-natured remarks


Welcome to my blog!  I pray the images and ideas will be pleasing to God, and a blessing to you.

In joy,


construction continued

April 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Crew was observed flying in this morning to resume work on the residence outside the guest room window.  Construction had halted on 31 March due to (an un-named neighbor  : )  having people come spend the day digging up the stumps in his back yard.

When interviewed about the prospect of raising another family, Mrs. B. Bird was asked if she had a preference for having boys or…chicks.  She replied she merely hoped they would be healthy, and sufficiently protected from ‘that whacko King Davis and his pesky camera.’  The person in question was reached for comment regarding her remark, and simply stated, ‘It’s a dirty job, but God is gracious and provides according to the need.’

forest fairy

March 26, 2014  •  3 Comments

For some time i've wanted to try this shot: a young dancer, leaping between rows of planted pine.  Lilli-Anne obliged me, and i think she reached new heights   : )

We did try some other things, hoping to make use of (her wonderful hair, and) the sun before it went to bed.


At its appointed time though, the sun did just that... 

but not before i was allowed a quick wink "good night."  Thanks to Lilli-Anne and Jessica, and to Kenny for supplying a long hoped-for 'forest.'



January 29, 2014  •  1 Comment

I’m not young, so snowboarding isn’t in my repertoire.  If the song is correct, i can’t build a snowman, as i don’t have a meadow.  And though one of my neighbors came by and totally nailed me with a snowball, i purposed projectile proliferation wouldn’t be proper…(or prudent—she had the drop on me  : )

Snow what, then?  Why, snow birds!  Those little flying pigs that have been eating me out of many dollar’s worth of seed for the last several weeks.  They seem to be well aware of the need for extra Calories when the weather is cool.


Here are some shots from today’s snowy shenanigans.  If you’d like to see more, click this word and you’ll have more birds than you can throw a snowball at.

Matthew 10:31,



While you were shopping…

November 29, 2013  •  1 Comment

Having been preoccupied the last few months, i decided to pull down a can of spare time and be reminded how it tastes.  And what better way to do that than standing on a windy hilltop in 22 degree pre-dawn air?  Yes, it’s perfectly in keeping with my insanity, but before tossing the first stone, do think about the ‘sensibility’ of those crazed masses who spent their ‘black’ days and nights looking for bargain deals.  Here’re some of the deals i was privileged to find:

That’s what i call a bargain.  Cost for me was a few moments of numb hands, but no sales tax was added.  For those with eyes to see, planets Mercury and (higher up) Saturn are poised for the start of black Friday.  In the close up below, they can be seen joined by the star Spica, a 'blue giant,' which is just barely in the shot at the top near the right:

In the shot above, Spica is below and to the left of the crescent moon.

A few more out-of-this-world bargains images can be found by looking here.

Isaiah 48:12-13,




of feline friends and beauty berries

September 05, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

There are a number of would-be blogs in various degrees of existence, but the last several weeks have yielded little time to pursue perfecting for posting.  (Admittedly the term “perfect” has no place in anything to do with yours truly, but i wanted a word starting with the letter p, and “polishing” didn’t possess proper punch, if you please  : )

Seeing i’ve been over a month without posting, (and will be a while before having time to finish any of the posts-in-progress), i took a few minutes to step out onto the driveway and shoot the two things readily available (aside from the obvious one big thing  : )

An American Beauty Berry bush took up residence some years ago, sprouting out of one of the old railroad ties that border the drive.  I’m grateful to Harolyn Castleberry for alerting me to the photo-op they provide about this time every year: those berries turning from green to…(if you’ll pardon the expression), deep purple.  It’s such a rich color i have an urge to shoot them every time i make a trip to or from the car.

Even insects admire the berries’ beauty…(bunches more berries be here)

This cat is one of many around the neighborhood, and one of a few that venture onto my grounds—ostensibly to enjoy bird-watching from the porch by the kitchen.  But unlike all the others, this one pretends to like me.  The only trick she’s managed to teach me so far is to rub her behind the ears, which—for an old dog such as myself, may be about as complicated a bit of learning as is manageable   : )

(cute cats collected here)

As for the other blogs-to-be, i suspect it will be a while yet…perhaps the cat got my tongue   ; )

be blessed,