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small -0174small -0174 The most affirming thing in my life is making images that please God and man.  I go into shoots, and come away hoping that is accomplished.  Gabby gave me good reason to believe the goal was achieved.

small -8940small -8940 small -0044small -0044 We met recently, and spent the day playing...

small -0023small -0023 small -0024small -0024 small -0015small -0015 small -0081small -0081 Knowing i wouldn't be much fun, Gabby brought her mom along for company.

small -0133small -0133 small -0135small -0135 small -0142small -0142 There were some serious moments, such as when we had to do the modeling thing, or read from the Bible--some of which she's already memorized  : )

small -0167small -0167 small -0389small -0389 small -9162small -9162

But whether serious or otherwise, it was a day full of joy.  I'm thankful God used Gabby and her mom to provide that!

small -0306small -0306

(Gobs of Gabby can be gotten here  : )

small -0316small -0316


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