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small -2198small -2198 Though it matters, we’ll set aside the fact my maternal grandmother was called ‘Lizzie.’  This newer model is now making the rounds, and made my camera’s acquaintance the other day.

small -2366small -2366

small -2137small -2137

We were afforded an opportunity to play work by my friends, Michele and Mark, at their work play place.  My default philosophy is, if God sets a plate of fun in front of you, say ‘thanks’ and accept it…rather than pretending to be ‘not hungry.’

small -2644small -2644

small -2552small -2552

small -2757small -2757

small -3214small -3214

Through the twists and turns of dance and gymnastics, Lizzie provided quite a stretch for my camera, and way more fun than can be rightly digested in one morning of play work, so we will hopefully have a second serving soon.  (Even the sky was crying when we decided to stop.)   In the meantime, look at lots of Lizzie here.

small -3309small -3309 small -2829small -2829 small -3066small -3066 I appreciate Michele & Mark working to provide a place for folks to play, and Lizzie and her mom Betsy playing along with the work.  (In this case, it wasn't all child’s play   : )

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