Crista’s Copper Penny

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I was at Wally’s gas station one evening when Craig Stubbs called my name.  He pointed to the inside of his car, where i saw a waving hand pop up.  He said, “This is my wife, Crista.  She also enjoys photography.”

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Following those ten seconds many moons ago, i’ve enjoyed seeing scads of posts of Crista's images on facebook.  Her photographs are excellent, and are often accompanied by informative comments.

small -3901small -3901 This spring the idea of getting together to shoot came up, and i was invited to visit the old home place, known as Copper Penny Ranch.

small -3740small -3740   Our visit finally happened a few days ago, and i enjoyed spending a morning meeting many of Crista’s friends.  Here are some of them... small -3924small -3924

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small -4157small -4157 small -4403small -4403 More Copper Pennies on deposit here.  (Buzz on over   : ) small -4296small -4296

While strolling by the woods, we saw a brand new baby accompanied by its mamma.

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The resident air patrol saluted the new arrival with a fly-over.

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And speaking of flying, the time did.  It was noon before we knew it, and so before parting company we watched some baby barn swallows having lunch.

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Though inside my attitude wasn't too different from the whiny birds, i politely pretended i was ready to leave, (but genuinely grateful for the good experience and gracious host  : )

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I think i can truthfully say (hatchlings notwithstanding), a good time was had by all.  Thanks much, Crista (and Craig!   : )

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