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We met at a dance recital, and in the unlikely event there's any doubt, i had nothing to do with the dancing part.  But Montana's ability to levitate high above the stage--and look beautiful doing it, gave me plenty of motivation for us to shoot, which we eventually found time to do.

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Dancing of course means being able to twirl around and stuff, but Montana is also part of a special group of folks who are known as the Winter Guard.

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edit -2966edit -2966 Given the limited, lame winters we've had the last many years, i can only hope they're successful in guarding what little we have left of those seasons.

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(more Montana here :  )

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In addition to having a state named for her, she recently picked up the title of "Miss Upson-Lee" for the current year.

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edit -2486edit -2486 But regardless of the accolades or what hat she wears, she is hard-working and kind...and to my delight, she's cool with light painting!

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edit -3284edit -3284 So here's to those who live at a high level, and brighten up our day while doing it  :  )

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