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My dear friend, Mrs. Johnnie, said, “I’m going to take pictures of Rebecca at Sprewell Bluff Wednesday, would you like to come along?” 

small -4180

And did i really need the entire nanosecond to contemplate such an opportunity?

1) my favorite time of year

B) a lovely young lady to shoot

iii) being with friends in a beautiful, natural setting

Nah…just twist my arm and consider me there!

small -4166

To my delight, Rebecca has grown since Johnnie’s first invite to shoot her friend a while back.  From this:


to this:

small -3594

(For those who lack a “Y” chromosome, this gal has made a change for the better   : )

small -3394

So here’s how the day went: Johnnie takes a few shots of Rebecca, then says, “Okay King, she’s yours for a little while.”  King and Rebecca then wander off and take a few million shots.  Rinse.  Repeat…etc.

small -3419

small -3510

Johnnie as always was gracious and didn’t point out that i was trying to hug hog the model.  For her part, Rebecca was polite enough to tolerate my dumb jokes, and an incessant clicking noise.  The clip below shows i couldn’t leaf her alone:

Rebecca leaves slow

(a few seconds of fun  : )

small -3769

small -3722

small -3902

Not only is this how i define fun, but God also smiled on our weather.  The first half was heavy overcast, and the remaining 2/5ths was sunny.  (I’ve always excelled at math.)

small -3968

small -4176

Such a combination provided for all my needs.  The clouds being my preference, since that eliminates eons of photoshop time finessing harsh shadows, and then the sunlight made Rebecca’s new improved hair glow like crazy.

small -4223

And just to make this a legitimate “nature shoot,” a blue heron blessed us with a brief visit, and permission from his Agent to appear in our shoot.

small -3848

As the day wound on and we did contend with harsh shadows, it was time to see just how good our model was.  The shot below isn’t one picture, it’s six pictures combined to make one.  This was my attempt to emulate the best film ever made, Kodachrome II.   (Alas Paul Simon…mama did take it away.)   Rebecca had to be perfectly still while the camera snapped six times.  The small size of this image doesn’t do justice to how well she did, there’s not so much as an eyelash moved from one image to the next.

small -4130etc

reams of rad Rebecca renderings reside here

small -4386

small -4395

So for this post, Rebecca rules…and my thanks to her and Johnnie for letting me crash their party   : )

small -4480



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