SKYWARS Episode II “Attack of the Clouds” (with apologies to George Lucas)

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A long time ago, in this very galaxy, my dear friend Allen Levi wrote or mentioned that his mom on occasion would phone him near the end of the day and tell him to look at the sky.  What I never mentioned to Allen or Mrs. Hilda was, she is not the only one who had such a habit.  The last several years of her life, my mom would call me with the same message, or the question, “Have you looked out the window?”

Levi sunset 2012 09 02


Of all the subject matter I enjoy shooting…(and that would be a lot of people/things), the sky has always been one of my favorites.


I mean, for most of us, a portion of the sky is readily available.  It photographs well, doesn’t complain it’s too busy for a picture, and i never have to beg for a model release.  It’s as if God says, “Until I put you someplace better, here’s another something to enjoy while on earth.”


sunrise 08 25 12



Though not in the least a fan of summer weather, i confess the extremes of heat and humidity have the potential to make for some relatively cool imagery.



...and here it is in motion:

2012 07 27 Sprewell Bluff sunset

scads of sweet sky scenes stay here


So is there a downside to being an airhead?  I suppose that, (unless one lives in southern Arizona or some other place where they don’t have weather), it could be frustrating to think there is always another sunset or rainbow to chase.  But not for me…i’m merely happily overwhelmed.   

Psalm 97,










Mary Eubanks(non-registered)
Completely Awestruck !
Mary Eubanks(non-registered)
Breathtakingly Beautiful- seeing life through your eyes and lens is truly a heart warming experience. You are AWESOME King !
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