seven* sweet signs spring is surely sprung:

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bees busier buzzing – so much pollen…so little time

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small -4986

blue bird box bulging – mom’s doin’ take-out

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small -5025

small -5036

blue jay babies – mom’s sittin’ on ‘em

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small -5005

buds be blooming – flower power via The Higher Power

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small -5065

small -5187

small -5074

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cheerful cherries – Mr. Ellerbee always has a good garden, but i don’t know if he can take credit for the lovely tree

small -5163

small -5177

hummer homecoming – happy to have them here

small -5144

Dateline April 7, this year: The first two hummer scouts have been spotted inspecting my (at that time, empty) feeder.  They appear slightly displeased.  Must. Fill. Nectar. Now.

small -5146

possessions plastered with pollen – got me covered

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*some say six signs, since perhaps pollen is perceived un-pleasant…(but from whence would we bee without it?)

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in joy,


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