autumn leaves

November 30, 2014  •  1 Comment

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Today, “cyber-Monday,” i have refrained from buying anything online.  Instead of spending money i can’t spare to buy stuff i don’t need, i’m taking that most precious of commodities, [time], to rake my cyber-space so as to provide you with a collection of leaves for November…(now that it no longer is  : )

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I believe it more than coincidence the changing of color in leaves works as a good (if imperfect) metaphor.  The green is the leaves’ “natural” state.  When the sap--it’s life blood, diminishes, and the leaf in essence “dies” to being itself, then some of the more brilliant colors its Maker provided become more visible.  The leaf, at least in many cases, becomes more lovely…

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in joy,


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Ed Davidson(non-registered)
Great job, King, in capturing the fall kaleidoscope of God's character and creative handiwork in a form that enhances my love and appreciation of our all-powerful, all-loving, all-creative Maker!
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