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An afternoon absent of an annoying phone arrived early in the year.  With it, blue sky and mild temperature, and a total lack of any good excuse to further delay trying out the motion-control slider purchased months earlier.  (Like much else on the planet, it arrived with a learning curve  : )

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Still a long way from attaining the holy grail of timelapse shooting, (that being smooth transitions from light to dark—and vice versa), I set up shop at the church’s front porch to follow the afternoon’s progress.  My reasons for that location included 1) proximity to home, B) good view of the southwestern sky, and iii) a sentimentality for subject matter of times past.  Regarding the last item, here is a digitized reproduction of one of the few prints I still have from my teenage photography years in the ‘60’s.  (Nine-teen sixties.)  Note the use of sepia-tone (before it became "new" again   : )


So the first time out with this new gizmo proved a fabulous avoidance of complete failure, though the afore-mentioned transitioning still challenges me.  The location required using the 16-35 at the short end of its range, which made for fairly funky perspective, but at least the camera moved in the correct direction, and at about the right speed.  The next big challenge will be doing this at night with no light around.  [reader advised to not hold one’s breath]

First Methodist Sunset 01 04 13

As a bonus, (which is kind of like saying, “We can slash your tires AND send a brick through the windshield.”), here is an even less entertaining clip showing what the resident squirrels were laughing at as they were falling off the nearby bench:

BTS First Meth Sunset 01 04 13

Thanks to bro Herb for his taking joy in my taking joy in God’s taking joy in His creation.  I’m looking forward to our hike   : )         See some stupendous sunset scenes stashed here.

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