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November 29, 2013  •  1 Comment

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Having been preoccupied the last few months, i decided to pull down a can of spare time and be reminded how it tastes.  And what better way to do that than standing on a windy hilltop in 22 degree pre-dawn air?  Yes, it’s perfectly in keeping with my insanity, but before tossing the first stone, do think about the ‘sensibility’ of those crazed masses who spent their ‘black’ days and nights looking for bargain deals.  Here’re some of the deals i was privileged to find:

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That’s what i call a bargain.  Cost for me was a few moments of numb hands, but no sales tax was added.  For those with eyes to see, planets Mercury and (higher up) Saturn are poised for the start of black Friday.  In the close up below, they can be seen joined by the star Spica, a 'blue giant,' which is just barely in the shot at the top near the right:

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In the shot above, Spica is below and to the left of the crescent moon.

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A few more out-of-this-world bargains images can be found by looking here.

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Isaiah 48:12-13,


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