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I’m not young, so snowboarding isn’t in my repertoire.  If the song is correct, i can’t build a snowman, as i don’t have a meadow.  And though one of my neighbors came by and totally nailed me with a snowball, i purposed projectile proliferation wouldn’t be proper…(or prudent—she had the drop on me  : )

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Snow what, then?  Why, snow birds!  Those little flying pigs that have been eating me out of many dollar’s worth of seed for the last several weeks.  They seem to be well aware of the need for extra Calories when the weather is cool.

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Here are some shots from today’s snowy shenanigans.  If you’d like to see more, click this word and you’ll have more birds than you can throw a snowball at.

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Matthew 10:31,


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Beth Ellington(non-registered)
Splendid. A couple of your snowbirds (the cardinals) were playing around my picket fence today. As I attempted to video the two as they scattered around in flight chirping all the while, they flew home (that would be to your house) before I could get my phone setup. So thanks for sharing your photography which brings the playful cardinals to memory. So sweet. Beth
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